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PRO Chemical & Dye

PRO Chemical Deluxe Disc Golf Dye Kit

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  • PRO CHEM DELUXE DISC DYE KIT - Pro Chemical & Dye's Deluxe Dye Kit is made for creating your best and most versatile dyes and stamps onto your discs!
  • CREATE BEAUTIFUL DISCS - with all these colors, you can make any combination, and the only limitation is your imagination. Create something special!
  • DESIGN ANY DISC COLOR COMBINATION - the dye can be combined and used in any way to create what you want such as using Worm Dip, Idye Poly and more
  • 6 DIFFERENT COLORS - the Deluxe Dye Kit includes Bright Yellow 200%, Clear Orange, Bright Red, Flag Blue, Meadow and Lilac. Mix to make any color!
  • LONG LASTING DELUXE PACK - don't worry about your dye running out quickly, with 28 gram jars of each of the beautiful colors exclusively for discs!