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Birdogey Disc Dyes

Birdogey Disc Dyes

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Each disc is individually pictured. 

Clicking on the Picture will not change your selection you must choose the Disc by clicking on the specific variant. (If on Mobile, Landscape gives the best user experience to browse through discs!) 

About Birdogey Disc Dyes:

Birdogey Disc Dyes was founded by Aaron Morris. He is Active Duty Air Force, stationed in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been dyeing discs for about 18 months and specializes in clear glue, stencils, and hand painting. He is involved in the Las Vegas disc golf scene as the founder of Vets Disc Golf Club – Las Vegas Valley Chapter and Chapter Leader, Team Neon Black Member, and works with Super Fly Disc Golf and Disc Golf Vegas to assist with growing the sport amongst children and Veterans.

Check out his work on Instagram